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A violent seizure of Cherkasy’s Monastery of the Nativity of the Theotokos is taking place right now

UPD: The monastery has been seized.

Aggressive invaders in military uniform are beating believers. The bandits are taking phones away from the believers and smashing them against the asphalt. They are threatening to beat the believers until they start bleeding.

Ambulances have arrived. The invaders broke the lower jaw of a priest of the monastery, Serhiy Pashchenko (diagnosed by the ambulance service).

Currently, there are 150 people in military uniform at the monastery. Four Orthodox believers have already been injured.

It is reported from the scene that the police are helping the raiders.

It is also informed from Cherkasy that all the entrances to the Third City Hospital, where there are believers who were brutally beaten by the raiders during the seizure of the monastery, are blocked by members of the National Corps (a radical political association). They don’t even let doctors into the premises.

Presently (at approximately 12 p.m.), about 30 parishioners are praying near the monastery. The number of the police and raiders has increased. The monastery itself has been seized, the brotherhood and the Abbot have been evicted from it.

According to the official channel of the UOC in Telegram 

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